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Princess Party!

Very excited to announce that I will be hosting my very first ‘Princess Party’ to raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network and the Miss America Organization. All girls ages 4-10 are invited to a fun filled day of coloring, pizza, cupcakes, glitter and tiaras!

Date: May 24, 2014

Donation: $15 per princess

Location: Msgr. Zegers Hall (St. Mary Magdalen School) Millville, NJ

Time: 3 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Register here:

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Someone who doesn’t care to cook or get out of bed when it’s not a work day. Someone who sleeps so soundly and peacefully that I have to check her pulse sometimes. Someone who has suffered, and understandings suffering to the point that I don’t have to say a word, I just look at her…and she sees who I am, and how I feel, and accepts it, doesn’t try to change it, and doesn’t want to change it. That person. And there’s a billion people out there, but I imagine there’s only one of her.
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